Without highly efficient management systems, policies and procedures, no contemporary civil company can operate. We are proud of ours, and the management that maintain it.

Health and Safety

NQCEC recognises that to provide an efficient and productive work environment, safety in the workplace for our employees and other stakeholders are essential. It is our number 1 priority.

The company is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees' subcontractors, clients, suppliers and the members of the public, and our aim is for a goal of zero incidents, accidents and injuries.

NQCEC has an established Health and Safety Management System, specifically designed to address our operations, with full management commitment to the ongoing continuous improvement of the Health and Safety Management System, focusing on all safety issues that may affect our operations, we achieved this through effective consultation with employees and subcontractors monitoring of procedures and standards, audits and inspections.

The NQCEC Health and Management System is third party audited against and compliant AS/NZ 4801-2001.

NQCEC continually commits to promoting a strong safety culture to achieve our goal of zero incidents, accidents and injuries; this is reflected in our excellent safety performance indicators. Refer to Safety, Environment and Quality.

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