Our business

The effective provision of our services in the field is fundamentally dependent on the local knowledge, networks and skill of our workforce and those of our local partners and suppliers, as is the skill and experience capacity and transfer which come through our ownership group. We are proud of our workforce and invest in them.

Our history and our experience in country are also important to us in delivering the best outcome for all of our stakeholders.

We have invested in creating and maintaining in good order within NQCEC all the accreditations and registrations to serve you and make your project a success in our country.

Finally, the plant and equipment we use and our capacity to maintain that equipment (at our base in Weipa and in the field) are both critical elements of our ability to deliver for all our stakeholders. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of NQCEC’s plant and equipment is subject to a strict maintenance system, in compliance with legislation standards, manufacturers’ requirements and company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality standards, to ensure safety, reliability and maximise client satisfaction.

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