NQCEC’s core objective is the creation, maintenance and growth of a profitable, competitive, locally based and resourced civil works organisation. Our core geographical commercial focus of the organisation is Cape York and North Queensland. We aim to be the best option for your civil works in our country.

In order to be the very best at delivering on this vision, our key corporate and operating principles and policies incorporate the following:

  • A commitment to maximising the use of local/indigenous employees, partner contractors/organisations and resources where we operate
  • A recognition that investment in mentoring and training are fundamental in developing and maximising our use of local/indigenous employees, partners and local opportunities
  • A commitment to relationships with local/indigenous owners and organisations in the communities we live and work which address our mutual economic, commercial, social and cultural objectives.
  • A commitment to transparency and to meeting the highest corporate and operation governance principles and practices.
  • The key constituencies/stakeholders whom we endeavour to serve are:

a. Our staff, employees and subcontractors

b. Our owners

c. Our customers and suppliers, current and future

d. The indigenous and local community and businesses of Cape York and North Queensland where we operate

e. Our partners in government from time to time

  • A commitment to active and transparent governance engagement by all shareholders to promote and share the experience of ownership at the local level.
  • A commitment to working with all of our stakeholders to develop, publish and promote the policies and practices which can deliver on these objectives and principles

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