At NQCEC, we recognise that our vision for our organisation and all of its constituencies cannot achieved without clear and transparent policies and plans, the implementation of those plans, and holding ourselves accountable, through monitoring and reporting against those policies. As we are all engaged in learning in a constantly changing work environment, this review/reporting process allows us to change/update them as necessary to reflect reality and pragmatism in achieving our goals.

The summary of our key policies, which can be accessed on this website, and directly from the company at admin@nqcec.com.au, are our:

Indigenous & Local Economic Opportunity Policy and Plan (ILEOP)

This ILEOP guides NQCEC’s employment, training, mentoring and upskilling strategies across our workforce, as well as our strategies and focus in Indigenous and Local partnering, subcontracting and supply arrangements.

Importantly, it incorporates the increase in our target Indigenous employee ratios across our workforce 40% in the 2017/18 work seasons.

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Corporate and Ownership Principles (COP)

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Social Compact

This compact characterises our commitment to community and sustainability. It sets out the principles, such as recognition and respect for the customs, lore, practices and cultural heritage imperatives of the Indigenous traditional owners on land where we work. It also recognises the need for respect in all our relationships and the principle of prior and informed consent.

We are committed to using our best endeavours to incorporate our Social Compact in our relationships with all our clients, partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

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Health and Safety Policy

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Quality Policy Statement

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Environmental Policy

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