We have been providing construction and project management services and equipment in remote Australia from North Queensland since 1981 and for the last 8 years from our home base in Weipa. We have provided services across Cape York throughout this period with a more recent focus on the Weipa area as development activity has increased in this region of the Cape York Peninsula.

In mid-2016, with the retirement of the original principals who had built the company in this country, the ownership structure of the company changed, with the NQCEC becoming the structure for a partnership between southern Queensland based civil operators, who bring with them vast experience in the industry and remote country, as well as management and financial systems and know how.

The shareholders and the Board are fully committed to NQCEC remaining fully reflective of the local and indigenous community, its workforce, operations and strategic focus in the local and North Queensland economy.

The company is fully positioned through its history to build on the wonderful legacy of its founders and stakeholders and remain a key element of the regional economy and community as it grows and changes.

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