We regard our workforce as our most valuable asset and invest in them. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in the civil construction industry and can provide a range of high quality services to meet a various range of client in country requirements, and deliver on your local civil needs, whatever they may be.

We run our local management team and prefer to support our project teams from our office in Weipa. Our workforce also operate remotely as project require.

The management structure of the company consists of an active Executive Board which includes the 2 owners, a General Manager, and a Financial Controller.

We retain key Project Manager, such as (Weipa-Amrun) with our permanent stucture.

NQCEC employs permanent staff of around 20 - 25 people (management, key project managers, plant operators and administration staff) with project and casual employees of up to fifty (50) depending on season workloads.

NQCEC are targeting an increase in our target Indigenous employee ratios across our workforce 40%, within a ratio framework which maintains our Local and female content above 70% and 25% respectively, during the 2017/18 work seasons.

NQCEC Capability Statement # NQCEC Careers