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NQ Civil Engineering Contracting Pty Ltd (NQCEC) is proudly local.
Our focus is on infrastructure projects which build our local communities, capacity and economy across civil infrastructure, mining, agriculture and other projects which are the backbone and future of our region. In doing so, we serve State, local government and commercial clients to ensure they can do what they do best in our communities.

We are first and foremost committed to understanding and serving the needs of our clients and stakeholders in a commercially cost competitive, responsive, timely and sustainable manner.
NQCEC is based in Western Cape York, with our home base in Weipa. We've been providing trusted construction, project management services and equipment since 1981 and we have the full suite of appropriate accreditations, registrations and approvals, including Local Buy
NQCEC achieves this by seeking to reflect the local community through our, workforce and operating methodologies. We are an equal opportunity employer committed in both policy and practice to employing and sourcing locally wherever we can. At its core, this means investing in local capacity development, training and employment opportunities for both indigenous and non-indigenous workers and local partners.

As a consequence, we are positioned to achieve and outperform on local and indigenous engagement targets and policies required by Commonwealth, State and Local Governments and other commercial clients and partners.
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